(Luved & Lost) is so dreamy and vibrant! The vocals are an instant hit and the bright melodies in the track bring a unique and complex tone to this funk inspired track, no doubt it is a hit in many ways.” - Affinity Ascension

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Our OFFICIAL Music video for our debut single "Luved & Lost" dropped today. We might be biased, but we are pretty proud 😊. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!

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"“Luved & Lost” is definitely a track with substantial staying power, where the song will easily stay with you even long after it’s over. It’s unquestionably unique but still fits into today’s more contemporary musical realm. But in our opinion, it’s so much better. You get the best of many worlds with this song and if you’re into any era of electronic music or EDM integrated with an effective and innovative Pop sensibility, then Bex & Bright will definitely be one of your new favorites for 2021. You can get your copy of “Luved & Lost” on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for doing so."